Afaf Matrimonials



Date: 25/02/2012

Dates and times:  Saturdays, 4.30pm - 6.30pm
Venue: Tayyibun Institute, 8 New Road(Off? Whitechapel Road), London E1 2AX

During this course you will study the details of an issue every Muslim should practice in his life, thus, to study it is to actually fulfill an obligation that one will soon be presented with.

The majority of problems within the Muslim community are due to the ignorance of Muslims concerning what Allah and His Messenger have taught regarding marriage and divorce, thus, the one who understands this issue is able to solve and aid others to solve the majority of problems Muslims face in their daily affairs.

This being the case, to study this course is to strive in achieving the bliss of the best possible relationship with our spouses and to rectify the state of our societal affairs. Can there be a reward greater than this?

All welcome

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