Afaf Matrimonials


How our service works

  • Click on Register Today and agree to the disclaimer if you are happy to proceed and have checked the member search engine.
  • Payment process
  • Account Activation

Please note that names, email addresses and telephone numbers are kept on a separate database that only Admin can access for privacy and security reasons. All profiles are anonymous and only members have access to the profiles. We do not pass on/sell or disclose our members private information with any third party. 

  • Once you have received your login details via email you need to fill out your profile. The more effort you make in filling it out the more likely you will get responses and interest.
  • Men and women cannot directly contact eachother on the site, so after conducting a search and finding a suitable profile, members need to click on the "send interest" button to alert the other member of their interest. The other member will receive an alert informing them of this and if, after reading their profile, they feel there is compatibility and the interest alert is accepted, we pass on the woman's Wali [male guardian] contact details, which would already be registered on the system, to the man and a confirmation of this is sent via email to the woman. This ensures the safety of our members and sincerity in intention also inshaAllah.
  • Email addresses of women are passed onto the man if she has no Wali, however we do not recommend this at all and stress on the importance of the guardian's involvement in the process. If a woman has no male guardian she can contact us for advice on how to appoint one.
  • If there are any profile matches we will send the new registered profiles to your email each week, if you fill out the weekly alert form.
  • You can upload a photo and you have the option to hide it and show it to those you are interested in only.
  • It is recommended that you login on a weekly basis to check your alerts and any new profiles so that you may respond to them promptly and don't keep people waiting. We will email you when members expresses interest in your profile and have responded to other requests.


What makes us different from other online sites?

  • It truly complies with The Quran and Sunnah and attracts serious people seeking marriage the halal way. No direct contact is made between men and women. It is our job as Admin to create contact when a match arises and we pass on the Wali details of the woman to the man, therefore making the site Islamically safe to use for our members. 
  • We provide information on upcoming courses and lectures in the UK about marriage and family life to help educate Muslims on their rights and responsibilities.
  • It is a service that was initially set up, launched in and approved by Regents Park Mosque and other mosques in London and Islamic organisations (listed on our supporters page).
  • You can email us if you need any help with our service or wish to speak to Admin.
  • We respect the privacy and confidentiality of our members and to ensure this, we do not allow their names and contact details to be displayed to other members in their profiles. We also ensure that our members are dressed modestly in their photos.
  • It has had Islamic approval from many Imams and influencial people such as Abdulraheem Green, Dr. Ahmad Al Dubayan the Director of the Islamic Cultural Centre, Arab Embassies, Imam Khalifah and Sheikh Riyadh Al Haq from Al Kawthar Akademy who were speakers at Afaf’s launch events in 2009.
  • Due to the Islamic nature of our service we tend to attract practicing Muslims, however this is not aimed only at practicing Muslims, we hope that all Muslims will be encouraged to follow this way inshaAllah.
  • Afaf supports young people who wish to get married and offers them an alternative platform to get to know people via halal means. Both men and women pay the same membership fee to join. The fee is affordable inshaAllah and less in price than many other site fees. It is only £35 for 1 year, which, when split is £2.90 a month. We depend on membership fees to run the service. We find that only serious men will be willing to sign up to a service, as they know they must contact the Wali if a match is made inshaAllah, so we tend to filter out time wasters. 
  • We cannot guarantee a match for you, as this is in Allah’s power, however in all cases your money is going to a good cause in helping us to run this service that will help many Muslims inshaAllah. You will get rewarded for every penny you spend for the sake of pleasing Allah and in your efforts to fulfil half your religion.